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Monday, May 2, 2016

National Bike Month

Yesterday kicked off National Bike Month - every May since 1956.

May is Bike Month With so many reasons to ride, what's yours? | I ride for cleaner air. | I ride to enjoy a lifelong sport. | I ride to save money on gas. | I bike to the bus to get places faster. | I ride for less traffic. | I ride to feel the wind on my face. #BikeMonth

We're not what you would call avid bicyclists, but we do enjoy hopping on our bikes and feeling the wind in our faces.

There was a time when Clarinda was a pretty frequent bike commuter, and there was a time before that we didn't own a car - and relied on our bikes and public transit to get around the Twin Cities.

Stay tuned (here and on social media) throughout the month as we share helpful tips on bike commuting (and biking in general) as well as fun stories and videos of our bicycling adventures throughout the month.

We're excited! And hopeful that this month will be a catalyst to really get us back in the saddle again.

Jeff and Clarinda

With so many reasons to ride, what's yours?

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