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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike & Hike Trail

During our stay at the Diamond Caverns RV Park, Clarinda took several opportunities to run along the Mammoth Cave Railroad Hike & Bike Trail.

Mammoth Cave Railroad Hike & Bike Trail |

The trail is riddled with gorgeous views, an interesting history, and was an absolute pleasure to explore.

The trail starts at the Mammoth Caves National Park Visitor's Center and runs along an old railroad bed. The railroad was used by travelers long ago to visit many of the caves in the area. Long before it was a national park, the caves were owned by private businessmen who came together to build the small spur line to invite more visitors to the caves. Today's trail doesn't follow the original railroad exactly, as roads and other developments had already been built prior to the railroad trail opening.

Mammoth Cave Railroad Hike & Bike Trail Information Board

Don't be misled, there are quite a few sections of the trail that are pretty steep, but the trail is very well maintained. It isn't a single track trail but is wide enough for several people to walk side-by-side.

Mammoth Cave Railroad Hike & Bike Trail

Fall was definitely a gorgeous time to explore this trail with all the fall colors.

Colorful fall trees in Kentucky as seen from the Mammoth Cave Railroad Hike & Bike Trail

Clarinda's runs seemed to always be during sunrise or sunset when the sun really accentuated all the colors of the changing leaves.

View of fall foliage as seen from the Mammoth Cave Railroad Hike & Bike Trail

While the trail started at the visitor's center of the national park, it was easily accessible from our RV park. If you're ever in Kentucky, we would highly recommend staying at the Diamond Caverns RV Resort. You can access this trail at the park's entrance, and then it's only 7 miles to the national park to explore the grounds or take one of the many tours of the caves.

Woman with arms raised in a V taking in the beauty of the Mammoth Cave Railroad Hike & Bike Trail

Anytime there is an easily accessible trail, Clarinda is one happy camper. This gem was definitely one she is grateful to have been able to explore!

Jeff and Clarinda

Do you have a favorite hiking trail? Tell us about it in the Comments.

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