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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Happy anniversary! 15 amazing years!!

Today is our 15 year wedding anniversary. We did most of the celebrating yesterday, as the weather was looking to be a bit nicer.

The traditional gift for 15 years is CRYSTAL. In keeping with our tradition of doing something related to the gift of the year, we enjoyed walking along a few of the crystal beaches on the gulf coast of Florida, but the best part was stopping at Crystal Cream Rolls for some delicious rolled ice cream.

We started the day at the North Jetty Beach, where the pelicans were very fun to watch.

Pelicans at North Jetty Beach, Sarasota, FL

From there, we headed to Nokomis Beach. There were so many birds! Well, all the beaches we visited had a lot of birds, but this one had a huge flock that didn't seem to care one little bit that there were so many people around.

Lots and lots of birds at Nokomis Beach on Casey Key, just south of Sarasota.

These first two beaches were on Casey Key. From there, we headed to Osprey, FL, for some rolled ice cream.

Outside Crystal Cream Ice Cream Rolls

Even though it's kind of all the rage right now, neither of us had ever tried rolled ice cream. When Clarinda was trying to find something crystal related to do for our anniversary, she found this ice cream place and figured it would fit the bill perfectly.

It was so delicious and definitely worth the trip.

We shared the chocolate lovers because we're still in love after 15 years. 😍 Well, and we love chocolate. 🤣

Chocolate Lovers sundae at Crystal Cream Rolls in Osprey, FL

After our ice cream treat, we headed to Siesta Key to hit a couple more beaches.

We started at Siesta Beach, which boasts to be the #1 beach in the USA. We could definitely see why it says that. The sand here was the softest, whitest, most perfect beach sand. If it were a sunny summer day, we could definitely see how crowded this beach would probably get. It wasn't overly crowded, of course, on the cloudy, overcast December day that we were there. This beach also had quite a few lifeguard stands, which was kind of nice to see.

Sarasota, FL | Siesta Beach #1 Beach in the USA

The final beach we checked out was Turtle Beach, because how could we not?! We are Turtle Vida, after all.

By the time we got to Turtle Beach, we were pretty much a done walking so we were delighted to see there were benches right on the beach. We were hoping to stay for the sunset, but with the clouds it wasn't going to be anything spectacular and Clarinda was getting pretty hungry.

We ended the day by stopping at Turtle Beach Grill and enjoying some appetizers and some delicious flatbread pizza.

Flatbread pizza at Turtle Beach Grill, Siesta Key, FL

It was definitely a pretty low-key anniversary, but definitely very enjoyable. We are looking forward to many, many more years together.

Jeff and Clarinda

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