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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Stillhouse Hollow Falls

It's no big secret that we love waterfalls! Especially Clarinda.

There is just something about the sound of the rushing water. Whenever we decide to find a nearby hike, we are usually in search of a good waterfall as well.

Hiking Adventures: Stillhouse Hollow Falls |

We found such a hike in Tennessee when we spent an afternoon hiking to Stillhouse Hollow Falls. The waterfall was amazing and the hike was beautiful!

There is a very small parking lot (unpaved) at the trail head, maybe big enough for a dozen cars. Luckily we found a spot easily, though it was pretty full when we arrived and when we were leaving.  From the parking lot, it appeared to be a rather popular hike but we would still describe it as lightly trafficked (maybe moderate?) as we encountered others on the trail but there were plenty of times that we felt like we had the trail to ourselves.

Stillhouse Hollow Falls trail, Mt Pleasant, TN

The trail head is at the top of the basin and you hike down to the base of the falls. The trail is pretty well defined; we never felt like we were getting lost or found ourselves off the trail. The trail is relatively easy. While you're going down, it's never very steep. There are stairs in the areas that might be questionable and there were a couple bridges to cross before getting to the falls.

View of the top of the falls at Stillhouse Hollow Falls in Tennessee
View from the Top of the Falls

When we arrived at the falls there were a couple groups playing around at the base and a group that had climbed up to stand behind the falls.

People enjoying the falls at the end of the Stillhouse Hollow Falls trail

We meandered slowly while waiting for the others to leave and were able to enjoy a few minutes with the falls all to ourselves.

Stillhouse Hollow Falls, Mt Pleasant, TN

Clarinda even ventured up behind the falls. What an exhilarating experience!

Stillhouse Hollow Falls in Tennessee

After taking our time enjoying the beauty of the falls, we started to hike back to the truck. Before beginning the ascent back up, we stopped at the ruins of an old house, or some kind of structure. This appears to have been a chimney, and we could trace what remained of the foundation.

Ruins along the Stillhouse Hollow Falls trail in Tennessee

We couldn't really find any information on the ruins. Who were the people that built this home? Was it part of an early settlement? How did they get the materials down the hollow? Why did they leave and abandon their home?

We don't have any of the answers. Part of which makes finding old ruins so fascinating!

With the waterfalls and the relatively easy trail, we would definitely recommend this trail to anyone who loves a nice hike and gorgeous waterfalls. 

Trail Details
Distance:  1.2 miles, moderately trafficked
Elevation Gain:  232 feet
Route Type:  Loop

Jeff and Clarinda

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