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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Welcome to Turtle Vida (again)!

Hello and welcome to the re-introduction of Turtle Vida!

A lot has changed for us since we first introduced Turtle Vida back in 2016.

We're still Jeff and Clarinda. 😍

But we did have to say goodbye to our sweet Sallie in July 2019. We miss her like crazy!

We are very excited to announce our next big adventure!

We recently converted a cargo trailer into a travel trailer. Our own tiny home on wheels. We are heading out to explore the US at a very leisurely pace, mostly hopping from one RV Park to another.
Turtle Vida is all about slowing down the pace, discovering more pleasures, and living an enriched life.
You can read more about us on our Who We Are page.

Our adventure began in Minnesota where we bought our truck (Fred) and trailer (Shelly). It's also where we did most of the conversion project. From MN, we spent a couple days in Indiana before our first major stop - Kentucky. We've long wanted to visit the Mammoth Caves (read about our desire to visit this national park here), so we made that stop a priority!

After Kentucky, we'll be spending some time in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida. After wintering in Florida, we plan to explore the East coast - maybe making it as far north as Maine!

We're so happy to have you here and are excited to share all our adventures with you! We'll be blogging about our RV life adventures as we drive across the country - from life on the road to places we explore to anything else that strikes us.

We hope you'll enjoy following with us. Be sure to subscribe to our posts so you don't miss out and connect with us on social media, too.

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Jeff and Clarinda

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