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Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Fun Surprise: Clarinda's POV

A couple weeks ago, Jeff surprised me. Big time!

Thursday and Friday, he mentioned how he really wanted to go running at Desert Breeze park on Saturday. Now, I'm a runner, but I just wasn't really feeling it. Plus, we'd never run at this park before, and I wasn't sure what it would be like.

You could say I was hesitant about this idea.
Me: Why do you want to run so badly on Saturday?
Jeff: Because we haven't been getting in our runs together, and I really want to do some running with you.
How could I say no to that?!

Saturday morning came. I woke up early that morning to pick up our produce from Bountiful Baskets, and then do our grocery shopping and other errands.

I was exhausted by 10AM and laid down for a nap.

Jeff is a night owl, so he was just getting up for the day.
Me: Let me just nap for one hour, then we can go.
He let me stay in bed a little longer than that.
Me (to Sallie): Do you get to go for a run with us?
Jeff: No, because I want to stop at REI while we're out.
Me: Oh, ok. Sounds good.
We finally headed out the door around noon.
Me: Ooh! Let's stop at Starbucks. I have a free drink that expires today.
Jeff: No problem. I wanted you to show me the new route you took to work the other day, so Starbucks fits right into that.
Me: Yay!
We stopped at Starbucks.
We drove the cool, alternative route to my work.
We started down the road to the park.

Then, at an intersection nowhere near the park, Jeff says, "I just want to turn down here to see something."

Um. OK.

He then turned into a long line of cars turning into the Springs Preserve.
Me: Ugh. There must be some sort of event going on. Why are we stopping here?
Jeff: I just wanted to show you something.
And, so we drove around until we found parking.

After parking, I went to the back of the car and found that Jeff and stashed everything we needed for a picnic.

Including my orange, floppy, beach hat.

Clarinda with a picnic lunch at Springs Preserve

And a MRE and other snacks.

Eating an MRE

I was completely surprised! I had no idea he had such a fun afternoon up his sleeve.

We spent the next few hours wondering around the trails, taking it all in, and discussing how I kept nearly spoiling his surprise at every turn. :-D

Come back tomorrow to read the story from Jeff's Point of View.


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