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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We Make Our Own Soda

And we're not talking about a SodaStream.

A few months ago, Jeff did some research on high fructose corn syrup and decided we should cut back on the amount of soda that we drink.

No More Soda Pop
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Not as much of a problem for Clarinda, since she mostly drinks water and only the occasional soda. Jeff, on the other hand, got most of his water intake from Coke.

In an effort to cut back, we started stocking more fruit juices as an alternative to straight soda.

But we continued to stock Coke as well. Sometimes, Jeff would mix the Coke with juice and water to help cut down his soda intake, but often, he would still reach for the full can of Coke.

Then one day, he decided it was no longer working; having the soda in the house was too tempting / convenient, so we took the drastic step to no longer purchase soda pop.

Unfortunately, regular, filtered water hurts Jeff's throat if he drinks too much at once, so he still needed some alternatives. He did some research on different types of water. Carbonated. Mineral. Alkaline.


Jeff initially looked at carbonated water to see if there was anything unhealthy about it. As it turns out, carbonated water is just plain, old-fashioned water that's been infused with carbon dioxide. So, no bad news there. Now, Jeff can mix carbonated water with the fruit juices for a healthy, effervescent drink.


While looking at carbonated, he discovered that mineral water gets its bubbles from a mixture of natural minerals - which can be an extra source of one's daily mineral intake. More good news!


While researching carbonated and mineral water, Jeff came across several comments about alkaline water. Though the benefits of alkaline water haven't been substantially scrutinized by US agencies or organizations, its use has been extensively examined for many decades in Japan - the oldest, and one of the healthiest, populations on the planet. Bottled alkaline water is water than runs in the pH range of 8.8 to 9.5. A few quick benefits are faster hydration, more easily regulates the body's pH level, and may help prevent chronic diseases.

Long story short, we all know water is great for us.

It supports and facilitates myriad bodily functions, and we should be consuming a decent amount every day. After Jeff's research, we now have a few more ways to increase our daily intake of water. Mixing organic juices with any of the aforementioned waters can create tasty - even effervescent - healthy alternatives to soda.

Side note:

The deal was we weren't going to stock Coke in the house anymore, but we'd still allow ourselves to enjoy the occasional soda while out and about. Jeff was excited by the prospect of not having access to Coke for long periods of time. He anticipated that first sip of Coke after a hiatus would be extremely satisfying. However, after only a few days of experimenting with the various waters and juices, Clarinda received the following text:
At the dealership now. Having the 1st coke I've had in a few days, and it is not nearly as satisfying as I thought it would be cool, huh?
Who knew carbonated water and fruit juice could taste as good as soda?
Now, we can easily make our own soda at home that's healthier and just as tasty.

Jeff and Clarinda

What's your favorite alternative to soda?

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