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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sign Me Up Sunday: An Alaskan Bike Adventure

Since it's Bike Month, we thought it would be fun to dream about a bike tour adventure.

A quick google search of "best biking vacations in the world" landed us on the Frommer's - 10 Best Biking Tours in the world - and found a definite addition to our bucket list.

An Alaskan Bike Adventure!

Sign Me Up Sunday: Bike Tour in Alaska |

This might surprise you, as we left Minnesota (at least in part) due to the weather. We love the dry heat of Vegas and will always opt for hot over cold, but a bike tour through Alaska would be an unbelievable experience.

With incredible scenery.

Mountains, trees and water in Alaska

This particular bike tour includes so much more than just biking. There is also hiking, sea kayaking, and a glacier cruise.

Here's a map of the route:

Map of the route of the Alaskan Adventure Tour

This is a fully supported bike tour. All meals are included (except on the cruise) as well as roadside snacks. Lodging the night before and bike rentals are also included. We love our bikes, but shipping them to Alaska would be quite spendy! A support van follows along, and can be seen every couple hours. If you need to take a break or ride a section in the van, they're cool with that. Or if you feel more ambitious, they work with you to ride a bit longer.

Biking in Alaska along a river surrounded by mountains

Days 1-5 have about 15 to 40 miles of biking each day, with hiking sprinkled in as well as a canoe trip on the Tangle Lakes.

Canoeing the Tangle Lakes in Alaska

Day 5 also includes WATERFALLS - including the Bridal Veil Falls. We all know how Clarinda loves her waterfalls, so this would definitely be a huge highlight of the trip.

Bridal Veil Falls in Alaska

The 7-day tour ends with sea kayaking on Day 6 and a cruise along the Alaska Marine Highway on Day 7 before returning to Anchorage.

For us warm weather lovers, July sounds like it would be the best month to do this with highs of 65-80F and a low likelihood of lows below 50F and still plenty of daylight - 18-20 hours of it!

They do recommend bringing rain gear, as the rains can be a bit unpredictable. In general, on an 8-day tour, you can probably expect at least a half day of rain.

A little rain never hurt anyone, plus all the wildlife and gorgeous views would more than make up for it!

Elk on a road in Alaska with mountains, trees, and lots of colors

Who wouldn't want to experience Alaska like this?

Jeff and Clarinda

All photos in the post were found on the Alaska Bike website.

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