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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Getting Lost *with* GPS

In the summer of 2009, we embarked upon our first big road trip that was not part of a cross country move.

Forestry service road in Wyoming

One of our stops was at a friend's house in Casper, WY. The morning we continued our journey, our friend took out an atlas to help us plan our route.

Oh, no. That's okay. We've got built-in GPS.
Famous last words.

We followed the GPS prompts.

Not too long after leaving our friends', we were in an area that we very much thought must be the wrong place; however, the GPS was clearly indicating that we were still on the path we were supposed to take.

Though we questioned the accuracy of the GPS three or four times, Jeff assumed at some point it must be putting us back on a main road. Not too much longer, and we were on a dirt road.

Forestry service road in Wyoming

As it turns out, the US Forestry Service Roads of Wyoming are actually included in GPS mapping systems as drive-able roads. But in our experience, drive-able is a bit questionable - especially in our fancy Scion xB, Frannie, with her custom ground effects kit. She actually did pretty well managing the deep ruts of the dirt roads, though we did have to straddle the center and side quite often.

2008 Scion xB Release 5.0 Gold Rush Mica
Photo not from this trip

We probably looked pretty ridiculous out there, since the only other vehicles we encountered - and there were very few - were big, jacked up, 4x4 trucks. It was a little scary at times, but we didn't turn around because it was all so amazing.

Forestry service road in Wyoming

Seminoe State Park, Wyoming

Seminoe State Park, Wyoming

Plus, we got to see areas of Wyoming that we never would have seen from the freeway.

Jeff and Clarinda

Have you ever gotten lost while trying to follow your GPS?
Has your GPS ever taken you somewhere unexpected?

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