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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let's talk about some weather

When you tell people you're going to certain locations, you'll generally get a stereotypical warning about the weather.

If you're heading to Seattle, most likely you'll hear something like: "Don't forget an umbrella. It's always raining in Seattle."

Heading to Minnesota? "You'll need a parka. It gets super cold there."

Vegas? "Pack shorts and sandals. It gets extremely hot in the desert."

What about New York City? 

When you mention a trip to the Big Apple, no one ever warns you about the weather.
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When you mention a trip to the Big Apple, no one ever warns you about the weather. Instead, you get things like:

Are you going to visit the Statue of Liberty?
You must go to MoMA!
Central Park is amazing.

It's all about what to do and see while you're there. Weather almost never gets mentioned.

But it should! New York has some of the craziest weather.


Our first trip to NYC was in June 2005. It was unbearably hot and humid (we're talking triple digits and 95+ percent humidity). And bonus, it stinks. There are no alleys for the garbage dumpsters like most other large cities in the US. Instead the trash bags just get lined up on the sidewalk. Some hot summer days the garbage trucks cannot come around often enough or fast enough. The heat, the humidity, and the smell were exhausting; the last few days of our trip were spent in air conditioned movie theaters. :)


Oh, the rain in fall! We moved to NYC in Sept 2005, just in time for the start of the rainy season. And it's not tame rain, or drizzle, like in Seattle or Portland, either. We're talking torrential downpours several days a week from late-September to April. Umbrellas are completely useless, and it's not at all unusual for the streets to be lined with discarded umbrellas -- that have been torn asunder -- during these rainy months.


All that autumn rain continues throughout winter, but you can expect some intense snowstorms as well. One winter night when we were living there, Jeff went to bed around 1 a.m. and there was no snow. Upon waking at 5 a.m. there were 20-inches of standing snow -- not snowdrift up against walls. We had a picture of Jeff measuring it, but unfortunately, it got lost.


And the rains continue... Except now there's lightning.

We only lived in New York long enough to experience each of the seasons once. Would we go back? In a heartbeat! The weather isn't the greatest, but each season still presented myriad pleasures. And, the people are some of the best we've ever met. We loved our time there and often wish we'd been able to stay in the City longer.

Jeff and Clarinda

Have you ever visited NYC and were shocked by the weather?

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