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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Taking Time to Read 📖

Our trailer has the unique ability to block WiFi as well as cellular signal. Our own personal dead zone. At times, it's definitely annoying, but lately, we have been EMBRACING IT!

What do you do when you can't catch up on social media or email?

We have taken to reading!

Man sitting on a bed reading a book | Taking Time to Read | A Perk of RV Life

In the first 3 weeks since leaving MN, Clarinda finished two full novels and started right into reading two more. Jeff has read a bunch, too!

Before embarking on this RV life, we can't even remember the last books we read. Let alone the last time we read more than one book in a week, month, year. Yes, sadly, years have gone by with neither of us doing much reading outside of social media or an occasional news article.

Each RV Park we've stopped at has had some kind of book library where you can take or leave a book. We've picked up a few good books this way. It's handy to have actual books for when our phones need to charge.

Open book with a bookmark from the Mammoth Cave National Park
Clarinda needed a good bookmark for all this reading,
so we picked one up at the Mammoth Cave National Park Visitor's Center.

We read a lot on the Kindle apps on our phones as well. Jeff has found he prefers the Kindle, while Clarinda doesn't really have a preference either way. The Kindle is definitely better when the lights in the trailer are dim, though.

What's the last book you took the time to enjoy reading?

Jeff and Clarinda

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1 comment:

  1. I love this! I also haven't read a book in a long time because of phones and ipads, etc. I used to read on the airplane when I travel for work but now there is WiFi and I work. I miss reading and it's sad that it is now an effort to pick up a book. Kudos!


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